Technology is about making our life easier and stress free. It’s not accidental at a human being can't do without technology for example gadgets like smart phones, music players, a portable game. Have you been thinking of how future of technology will be in the next century? Find in detail in this article.

Technology in Healthcare

It had been predicted, in the next century consumer will regulate and control their stuff by picking their own medication by concluding things for themselves because by then individuals will have their own tools "sicken" where we can make our own medical decisions without meeting the doctor, some scientist imagine that vaccine to prevent an attack of diseases will be invented which will allow the doctors to save many life’s.

Technology in the next century

Americans allow others to take the first step when it comes to trying new technology. It has been predicted that in the next 100 years organ transplanting will be a reality which means in the next 100 years people that need an organ transplant will have new organs made for them. Eight out of ten Americans believe that computer will produce alike humans that cannot be distinguished among normal human being and they also believe by that time people and companies will be able to produce their own electricity by using reusable energy like power plants and the use of fossil fuel. Most Americans reasoned that self-driving cars will be invented that doesn't need a driver (automatic) which will take people to their destination without stress and they said car that will work without petroleum but reusable energy will also be invented. They also expect that in the next century technology will develop net positive influence on society this means going to market with only your Shopping cards which will make the future better. It was predicted that technology will also control the weather and there will be another colonized planets other than Earth.