Technology Benefits to the Disable

Technology helps many people including the disable in many ways it has helped them to learn and it makes them to be useful and proud of themselves. The disable can benefit lots from technology in this article will we give you more information about the benefits of technology to the disable

Types Of Disability

There are common disabilities, these disabilities falls under various categories firstly physical, this is when child is physically disabled which he/she might need a cane or wheel chair before he/she can move. The second one is sensory disabilities, this type of ability are visual problems or blindness, deafness and hard-of-hearing conditions. Loss of memory, self expressions are categorized to cognitive disabilities when we are talking about psychiatric disabilities this includes social phobias to bipolar or personality disorders. Technology creates many benefits to the disable for them not to be left out.

Benefits Of Technology To The Disable By Using Smartphones

Mobile phones are useful to people with disabilities, there are many assistants available for them for example mobile app, there are some apps that can be used to remind people near them what they want or things they need at a particular time, it also has an app called Magic Carpal that enable them to engage in interactive display and makes them learn in special ways. BeMyeyes is also an app that help the disable to volunteer helpers who help them in everything they do, they can as well do some shopping online instead of moving them from one place to another you can just make use of mobile phone shopping app which anything you order for will be delivered at home. They can as well reorder their drugs from any pharmacy without been stress or traveling to get them. Vision Aid is one if the app that help the disable to read things from the screen. Technology gives disabilities people autonomy to their daily life activities. Technology create medical assistance through the use of Qardio app the doctor can monitor their blood pressure by connecting it with a mobile phone.