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A bus is a type of bus used to transport a large number of passengers, usually between 30 and 60 people, between cities. The coaches are designed to comfortably carry passengers on long journeys. They must, therefore, be equipped with comfortable seats, air conditioning, a television, and luggage, as well as toilets and toilets.

Before boarding the bus, you will be asked to leave your luggage in the luggage rack or the luggage compartment. The luggage rack is located on the main floor of the bus at the back and is used to store all the luggage and luggage of the passengers. If you have a purse, laptop or suitcase, you can store it in the luggage compartment door or in the space above the seats.

Although a very large 60 seater coach can accommodate many passengers, there is very little room to walk or store belongings. The gangway or passage in the middle of the row seats is between 400 and 600 mm wide. If you are the first to choose a seat, make sure it is near the toilet, especially if you are about to travel a long distance. If you can sit near the TV or refrigerator on board, it will also help you extend the length of this long ride. The most comfortable seats are the 2 x 2 adjustable seat configuration with high backrest, as there is more room to move than the 3 x 2 seat configuration. The 2 x 2 seats usually have the function of reclining seats. also helps you sleep better while getting on the bus

A fantastic feature that makes a coach really comfortable and luxurious to travel a long distance, is the air conditioning devices that are found. If the coach is too hot inside or if you feel a bit nauseous or claustrophobic, you can turn on the air conditioning and let it blow without the fresh air hindering other passengers. This can be done in the passenger service unit that is mounted above the seats against the roof of the coach. The passenger service unit also has lights that each passenger can control if he wants to read or remove something from the bag.

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