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Rooting And Jailbreak

It is known that if you bypass the built-in protection program, the smartphone owner will be able to squeeze out the maximum number of possibilities from his device. Let’s look at how to get the freedom of action on Android and iOS devices.

Let’s start by changing the parameters of the clock frequency. Using Set CPU will be able to adjust the frequency of the processor. Thus, you will increase productivity or extend the battery life of the device.

How to manage software activities?

Using the LBE Privacy Guard, you will have access to extensive features that allow you to track the activity of all individual applications.

Regarding anonymity on the Internet, the following should be said: with the help of Orbot it will be possible to redirect the traffic site goatdee. This process is carried out through a special anonymization service called Tor. Thus, it becomes possible to access web pages in incognito mode.

Increasing productivity, gaining access to private functions, as well as modifying the standard interface, and much more – all this is available to users of iOS and Android. With the help of a large number of applications, it will be possible to expand the number of available functions, as well as optimize the external elements of two different mobile “OSes”.

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Users of devices that are running Android can take advantage of fully updated editions of the system. In this case, we mean specially modified firmware (popularly called “custom”). As a result, critical security updates will be available.

Using the Cydia application, owners of Apple smartphones that have been jailbroken will be able to gain control over many different repositories. It is known that such application stores, when compared with the official Arp Store, do not create any restrictions. The main requirement, in this case, is the use of the right to modify and write files in various system folders of the mobile device.

Considering the case with iOS, you will need to jailbreak. A similar action for users of Android devices is “rooting”. After two such operations, the owner of the device, as you know, is completely deprived of the right to warranty service. Practice shows that it is possible to return the smartphone to its original form (cancellation of actions).

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Once again, it is necessary to say, users of devices running iOS and android that they can completely lose their warranty, plus the failure of equipment cannot be ruled out. Because of this, follow the instructions provided. Thus, there will be significantly fewer chances of damage to the mobile “friend”.

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