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Millions of people participate in lotteries every single day and why not? For a small price to get a playing ticket, one can have the opportunity to win more than they have bargained for. Money they can spend on anything they deem fit. Among the popular lottery games nowadays is the Roadrunner Cash 5, this is a lottery game which is mostly found in New Mexico.

It is simple to join the game; the cost to play is only a dollar and the jackpot prize is set to a starting standard of $20,000.00 which will keep accumulating in the event that no one gets to match the drawn combination. When the time comes that an individual gets to have the winning combination, the jackpot or the top data sidney prize will be entitled to them.

To begin one’s journey in the Roadrunner Cash 5 game, one must first decide on a 5 digit combination running from 1 through 34; the numbers can be any of the individual’s choice, may it be a significant number to them matching a birthday, anniversary, age or just one’s personal lucky number or even a random thought. However, should a person not be able to determine their personal 5 digit combination, they can have the option to choose the quick pick feature which relies on the terminal to generate random numbers for the combination.

As soon as the combination has been determined and encoded in a play slip, the authorized retailer will then create a valid game ticket for the individual; it is then the individual’s task to check their game tickets for accuracy and then sign the reverse side for security and ownership. One can also have the option to purchase an advance play card; meaning that they can play the same combination on the same ticket provided by the retailer for up to 14 consecutive draws. This feature is called the advance play or the multi draw option.

Draws are held each night for all seven days of the week. Normally, one can only win if they get all the numbers in their combination to match those drawn. However, for the Roadrunner Cash 5, there are more ways to win especially as they have added the bonus ball feature. The bonus ball feature is a number drawn after the last ball has been drawn to complete the 5 digit combination for a total of 6 balls. The bonus ball can be matched to any of the numbers in one’s combination thus giving them bigger chances to win. One only needs to match 3 numbers from their combination to get a prize of $5, for the same number of matches plus the bonus ball, the prize goes up to $10. If one’s combination gets a 4 out of 5 match from those drawn, they will get $200 prize; and if they get 4 out of five and the bonus ball, the prize will then jump to become $500. And of course, if they get a straight 5 out of 5 combination match, they will be entitled to the jackpot prize.

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