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When you have less than two months to prepare for an exam, things become very difficult. Primarily because one starts thinking of the number of things that needs to be covered in such a short period of time and that leads to panic. However begin by taking a deep breath and don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

First step is to divide. Divide and rule should be your formula. Since you have only two months, your first month should have your plans for GRE Prep where you focus on being able to master various strategic approaches to different kinds of questions that come for the exam. You will also need to have a mastery over mathematics and vocabulary. Delving into the second month of your GRE plan comes next. Here you need to amplify your speed game and get strategic. Time yourself, come forward faster each time and learn to do tougher questions. It’s important to challenge yourself by coming out of your comfort zone.

Verbal section:

When it comes to the verbal section, you have a range of questions that you need to answer like analogies, sentence completions, reading comprehension and antonyms. The purpose of this section is to see how readily you conclude to things from the given written materials, determine strong relationships amongst parts of the same sentence and recognize relationships between two different concepts. For this your GRE Prep should be flawless.

The paper version of this section takes about an hour and has 38 questions each in two different segments. On the computer it is usually 30 minutes for 30 questions.

The Math section:

When it comes to the math section, it is important to know and accept that one can get rusty in these sections especially because we’ve left the high school level math a few years ago. Which is why you must start sharpening your mind in arithmetic, geometry, algebra and data analysis.  Not only does this portion test your skill in how you solve a variety of math problems, it also looks into your ability to deal with quantitative reasoning.

Again there are two different versions. The paper version has two half an hour segments and both have 30 questions. The computer one has 28 questions to answer and this will have to be done in 45 minutes.

Nothing to worry about

You have nothing to worry about. You’ll find plenty of similarities in the different tests you took back in school and GRE. Infact the ones in school were plenty difficult and this is much more easier, just on a bigger competitive threshold with every section being timebound.

You need a good amount of GRE Prep before giving the exam so make sure your attempt counts because you can make numerous attempts but every attempt costs a certain amount of money and you can’t be reckless with it. Get hold of good study materials through a reliable source where you can get basic information about the structure and the question that will be given along with the tools that will be available on the given test day.

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