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The Myth And Mystique Of A Black Pearl Necklace

Since time immemorial, man goals the bright white gemstones that we call pearls. Pearls valued around the world for their uncommon beauty, otherworldly splendor, and understated elegance are just as popular in current society as they have been centuries in the past amongst European kings and Egyptian princesses.

Nowadays, pearl rings connoisseurs have a brand new love: black pearls. Distinctive, high-priced and rare, a rich black pearl necklace affords a hanging photo – the treasured stones surely lack the restricted, chaste photograph of their classic white counterparts. Learn more on

For the lady who has the entirety, a black pearl necklace, whether one in a pendant or in a perfectly matching strand, is a super addition to her earrings series. Don’t forget how stunning a black pearl necklace will look on every pores and skin tone!

Where Do Jewelers Get The Pearls They Use In An Identical Black Pearl Necklace?

“Black” pearls are also called “Tahitian cultured pearls”, but each name is misleading. Now not only are Tahitian cultured pearls now not black but in addition, they are not cultivated in Tahiti either. Tahitian cultured pearls are called “Black” because of their unusual darkish colors and can be gray, blue, green and brown.

And they develop in the lagoons of small islands which can be a part of a group called French Polynesia. Tahiti, the largest island, serves because of the buying and selling middle of the group and not as a mecca for pearl cultivation.

Interestingly, best Tahiti cultured pearls have most effective been on the market for the reason that the 1970s. Despite the fact that they have got turn out to be pretty famous in this brief time.

Developing Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls have been cultivated for approximately two years in Pinctada, a large saltwater mollusk from french Polynesia. Amongst other things, this precise oyster differs in that its inner shell coloration is dark. This so-known as “Black-lipped” oyster also has black coat edges – the “Lips” that supply the animal its descriptive call.

Due to overfishing, person wild oyster populations aren’t as considerable as they were once. To opposite this fashion, the authorities protect the animals. Pearl farmers in French Polynesia who want to breed black-lip oysters need to tug the oysters out of spit animals (child oysters).

If the farmer succeeds in cultivating the spit on the age of about two and a half to 3 years to maturity, the oysters are implanted with mantle tissue and a pearl bead to begin the bead growth method. This delicate operation is done by using particularly skilled workers called nucleators. However, according to the gemological institute of the USA, greater than 50 percent of oysters die or reject the middle.


Today, the most sought-after Tahitian cultured pearls are dark green-gray to blue-gray with rosé or violet colors. However, how do pearls get their shade? No person is quite sure, but we recognize that the pearl hues are determined via numerous factors, including versions within the host oyster, shade versions of the implanted donor mussel tissue, the number and thickness of the mother of pearl layers, and variations in boom surroundings consisting of temperature and water fine.

Tahitian pearls are basically versions of gray, black, green and blue, however, there are different colors as properly. Search the net for Tahitian cultured pearl pix, and you will see that they are no longer all black!

Buy a Black Pearl Necklace

With a median length of eight to fourteen mm, Tahiti cultured pearls – especially the ones which can be of gemstone exceptional and spherical – are very expensive.

(GIA estimates that a very massive Tahitian cultured pearl of first first-class will deliver you thousands of greenbacks!) if the simplest one to 2 percentage of the crop yields round Tahitian cultured pearl of top first-rate, imagine how long it takes to discover an appropriate pearl to make beach! No wonder a black pearl necklace is so pricey.

Choose carefully and remember that pearls with an applicable overtone (secondary coloration) and pearls that are large than usual are more costly. Look for pearls that suit nicely, don’t have any holes, or are truly marked (minor surface properties are suited). Also, take a look at the return policy in advance if you have a hassle.


In case you are searching no longer only for the shade but additionally, for the dimensions of best Tahitian pearls, you must do not forget a black “Pearl” necklace made from black mother-of-pearl beads. Their generous length, radiance, and affordability cause them to a popular alternative to a first-class Tahitian pearl necklace.

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