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Do you take good care of your liver? You know people seem to be increasingly liver-conscious ever more aware of the significance of a healthy liver. This attention is absolutely deserved. Without question, the liver is one of your most vital organs and maybe second only to the lungs and the heart.

People can live with just one kidney or a single lung, and people can do without the spleen wholly. But people cannot survive without a functioning liver. You know the liver is endlessly filtering and detoxifying your blood and it do have an important role to play in digestion and metabolism. But the liver even synthesizes protein, forms critically important enzymes and hormones, breaks down and even recycles tired blood cells, and controls glycogen storage. As the primary organ of detoxification, the liver has the significant job of guarding the deeper tissues from impurities in the blood that could otherwise trigger harm. However, over-exposure to toxins like that of alcohol, prescription or environmental pollutants, even that of recreational drugs, and the like, has the potential to unfavorably impact the liver itself.

Thankfully, the liver does own a remarkable ability to heal and rejuvenate itself. This is a thing that sets the liver apart from other types of organs and tissues. But in case you want the liver to repair itself efficiently, you must cater it periodic rest.  You can also take up Liver tonic ayurvedic medicine to ensure that your liver works effectively and stays guarded. After all, to take good care of your liver is your responsibility. No matter you are currently struggling with low liver energy, or wish to act preventively, the right methods and medicines can always help you. after all, if you would not love your liver, nothing would.

What does your liver do?

There are many tasks that your liver plays and these roles are absolutely crucial. If any of the actions that it does fails to carry out; your life can go for a toss. Anyhow, have a look at a few quick things that your liver does.


You know the filters the blood and removes toxins from the bloodstream. In essence, once you eat, the digestive tract breaks your food down into miniscule, absorbable pieces of energy, that are then permitted to enter the bloodstream, rasa dhatu (plasma) to be precise. You know such a nourishing “food juice” then goes stop the liver to get further refined and filtered. The liver actually eradicates and eliminates unwanted toxins so that they do not step into broader circulation. The liver is also accountable for metabolizing chemical toxins, prescription and even that of recreational drugs, and alcohol.

Digestion and Metabolism

It plays a critical role in digestion and metabolism of ingested nutrients. It is in a position to break down complex substances such as carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins into biologically effective molecules such as cholesterol, glucose, phospholipids, and lipoproteins. You know the liver even regulates and stores glycogen, the primary source of available biological energy.


Thus, the point is since you know your liver matters a lot, make sure that you opt for the best ayurvedic syrup for fatty liver and ensure your liver works effectively, safely and healthily.

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