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Is this Hair Transplant Surgery Painful?

The hairs always give the beautiful look and the personality to both men and women. Maintaining the hair that too after a particular age is always the difficult one this is because of the hormonal change and pollution in the environment. Even the people who are young are getting hair fall problems these days. Thus the hair transplant in Amritsar is the only way to get rid of the issue easily. This is the most popular one for the people as they can get the natural hair within the two to three hours.

How simple is this procedure?

The hair transplantation is now possible with the help of modern tools and techniques. This is much helpful for the patients to avoid the worries and stress about the hair fall. The technique is done by the many clinics in the city. The people need to choose the best clinic and undergo the surgery. The surgery is very simple and also does not take much time. The doctors will start this procedure only when the patient is fit in health-wise.

The necessary precaution to be taken by the patients before the surgery as this is helpful for them to complete the surgery in success and get healed within a few days. This surgery is a good one for both men and women. Whether your head is patchy or fully bald this technique will help you to get the hair back naturally. The natural hair will also grow after two months from the surgery. The procedure will be a hundred percent successful to the patients if they follow the doctor’s advice and support them to heal your wound.

What are the techniques that are implemented by the doctors for the surgery?

Nowadays many people started to utilize hair transplant surgery. The people can able to get the hair transplant in Amritsar at the affordable rate and also in the high quality. The surgery can be done with the help of experienced people and so it will be painless. First, patients are given general anesthesia. The techniques like the follicular unit transplantation and the follicular unit extraction are provided by the doctors. The best technique for the respective patient is chosen by the doctors alone. Even though the cost of the FUT is less compared to the other one according to the doctor’s advice you have to undergo. This FUT is done by transplanting the strip of the follicles from the hairy areas of the head to the patchy or bald areas. Thus mostly the hairs in the back of the head will be chosen for the transplantation. The FUE is another famous procedure where the experts will individually pick the hair follicles from the donor area to the bald areas. This is the simple procedure and also does not give any visible scar like the fut. This extraction procedure is a bit expensive than the normal fut technique but it is more effective.

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