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Hairs ae the most important part of the beauty of both men and women. With the upgradation in technology, many people are doing various kinds of experiments with hairs. Though hairs are very precious asset of our body but still it is one of these most experimented. Everyone wants smooth silky hairs with good texture and color. So people go through various hair treatments like smoothening, rebounding etc. and even various kinds of hair coloring techniques as well. Though these experiments are done by many people but they result in split ends, dandruff and more rough hairs. So people are recommended to use bestdandruff shampoo color treated hair in order to protect the hairs from the side effects of the treatments.

Following are the precautions that are to be taken after the hair color treatment:

  • Turn down the temperature of water while shampooing: after the hair color treatment the very first thing to be kept in mind is to avoid taking hot showers. As hot water will allow the color on the hairs to wash out. Go with slightly warm water for washing hairs not the very hot water.
  • Wash hair less often: it is better to avoid washing the color hairs frequently. As it will result in loss of hair color and will give dull shade to hairs within short period of time.
  • On off days use dry shampoo: it is always recommended to the person with hair color treatment to use more of the dry shampoo on the hairs. As it will help in lasting of the color on the hairs for longer period of time. Many color tinted dry shampoos are available in market to revamp hair color without visiting the salon.
  • Use leave in treatments to protect hair whenever styling: color treated hairs or the hairs treated with any type of chemical requires more hydration, as well as more protection from the sun as the sun rays, will result in loss of nutrients from hairs. So the leave in treatment will keep the hairs hydrated and will protect from the UV rays of sun.
  • Use heat protectants spray before using hot tools on hairs: use of heating tools like straighteners or curls will end up in strip of hair color. So in order to protect this thing, it is recommended to use heat protectant sprays on the hairs before using these tools. It will help in less loss of moisture from the hairs.
  • Keep up with trims: split ends will not hold the color and will also fade faster than other hairs. So it is better to cut these split ends in order to keep the hair look fresh.
  • Avoid chlorine: chlorine acts like a bleaching agents whenever it comes in contact with hairs it will definitely strip color from the hairs. So it is recommended not to go to pool side with hairs open as it will make the hair color dull.

Though these treatments are very trending among people. But many problems regarding hairs are arising like dandruff. So many colored hair dandruff shampoo is available in the market that will help in reducing hair problems.

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