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Pollution, stress, workloads, tension- these all sum up to the fact that we can not take proper care of our hair as required and when it gets damaged, we start crying over the split milk. Split ends, rough texture, lost shine, frizzy and drab look, and hair fall with dandruff becomes a problem, and that requires utmost attention with the natural treatment process. 

If you apply the olive oil hair mask at regular intervals, it will solve most of your problems. Olive oil is enriched with essential vitamins, proteins and minerals which acts as a natural protection to lock the moistures and essential nourishments along with keratin. It also has antioxidants which help in restoring the beauty of the flocks of hair. 

The hair mask can easily be made at home and does not take much time. Here are the reasons as to why there is no better remedy like an olive oil hair mask for your regular hair care. 

  1. Say goodbye to dandruff! Since olive oil is a natural moisturizer, you can directly apply it on your scalp and massage it. This will let go of the dryness. You can use lemon juice and olive oil as a hair mask to fight with dandruff. As the lemon juice loosens the flaky cells and dry skins or dandruff, olive oil moisturizes the area, thus providing it with a better result. You can take an equal amount of lemon juice and olive oil, apply it on damp hair, leave it for twenty minutes and then rinse it off with shampoo and cold water. 
  2. Are you worried about losing the shine your hair had? Is it breaking very quickly and you are having hair loss every time you comb your hair? Start using the olive oil mask. It will strengthen the roots of your hair, make them stronger and will make it look healthy and shiny. With all the required vitamins, it balances the keratin amount and also removes the sebum that is a hindrance to hair growth. 
  3. There will be no split-ends with regular application of olive oil through the length of your hair. Also, the mask will act as a natural moisturizer and fix the smooth look along with a gorgeous volume. Especially in the winter months, your hair tends to look unclean and unhealthy. It will go away in a jiffy.
  4. With drab hair look, dry and rough texture, it is evident that you will not be able to braid your hair differently or do the different stylings you have been wanting to do for so long! Since olive oil is a top emollient, it will penetrate through the skin, provide nourishment from the roots, take care of the deficiencies and will bring back the life-like look that your rough strands were missing. 
  5. There is nothing like an olive oil mask remedy for your hair when you want your hair to be soft. You can easily replace your chemical conditioner with this natural hair mask which assures to seal the brittle ends. It prevents the drabness in your hair and no more problems of unmanageability and rough hair end. 
  6. Olive oil mask, if applied with proper ingredients and in an appropriate manner, it will prevent lice, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial diseases, and it also prevents hair loss. Olive oil suffocates lice or any other germs that have been growing inside your scalp. Thus, applying it and keeping it overnight with the head being covered with a shower cap will help you get rid of the problem all at once. Also, olive oil prevents the DTH hormone to be produced, which in turn reduces the hair fall to a noticeable extent. 
  7. Good hair, texture, thick in volume, is essential. But what is even more important is to have a good blood circulation so that it gets all the required nutrients to stay strong and increase in volume and have a good texture all the time. 

Here are seven good reasons for you as to why using an olive oil hair mask is the best thing you can do for your hair. No need to waste more time and money on the salon while you can get everything you need at home! 

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