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Visa on arrival could be a rather new means because it is ordered on-line only you go past air. You simply go surfing and work with a visa service. There are four steps for you to get your Malaysia on arrival visa India you have got to fill within the form, then pay the service fee; get the visa approval letter, and choose your visa at arrival airports.

Process of getting your visa is now an easy process

Firstly, you have got to fill within the form given ahead together with your personal detail and send it via email to the service you’re using. Future step is to verify your info and pay the service charge can receive a confirmation that your form has been sent to the Malaysia visa application centre successfully. Your info is going to be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department in Malaysian to urge the approval letter when your payment confirmation.

After 2 days, a visa approval letter is going to be sent to you by email. Your work is to print it out and convey it to the Malaysian arrival airports. The Indian Immigration Department sent the first approval letter to the Visa Company and fax to the Immigration workplace on your arrival at the landing field in Malaysia. Therefore, though your approval letter is in grayscale, it’s accepted as a result of the Immigration Dept checks and screens your application terribly strictly.

The last step is to urge the stamp for your visa. Once you come back to the Malaysian landing field upon arrival to urge the visa sealed onto your passport, you’re needed to fill within the visa type, attach your photos and pay the visa stamping fee on to the Immigration officer. The stamping fee depends on the kind of visa you’re applying. Please keep the visa approval letter from Malaysia visa application centre with you as a result of you’ll still show it to the airlines in your country once you sign in a new time.

Checklist for applying Malaysia visa application center 

  • When applying for a Malaysia on arrival visa India, please bear in mind bring these items with you to your arrival airport:
  • Pictures should be inches in size, identical, taken at intervals the past half-dozen months.
  • The image size from the lowest of the chin to the highest of the pinnacle ought to be between one in and 13/8 inches.
  • The images are also in color or black and white.
  • They have to be full face, front read with an evident white or off-white background.
  • Pictures ought to be taken in traditional street apparel, while not a hat or headgear that obscures the hair or hairline.
  • If prescription glasses, a hearing device, wig or similar articles are commonly and systematically worn, they must be worn once the image is taken.
  • Glasses or nonprescription glasses with tinted lenses don’t seem to be acceptable unless needed for medical reasons. A medical certificate is also needed to support the carrying of such glasses within the pictures.

Visa on approval or ‘Ordering visa online’, therefore, has become additional and additional in style attributable to its convenience and safety. Sensible luck on your trip!

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