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Public relations can be contemplated as a major mass promotional tool that helps building good relationships with an organization’s multiple contacts by obtaining positive publicity. It also build up strong co-operate image, manage and head off unfavorable stories, events as well as rumors.

Top PR firms in India executes various tasks that include:

  • Press Relations

It creates and place interesting and requisite information in the news media for drawing attention to a person, products or services.

  • Product Publicity

It publicizes valuable and detailed information about products to make the target audience aware.          

  • Public affairs

Public affairs is all about building and maintaining local and national community relations.

  • Lobbying

It builds and maintains cooperative relations with the government officials as well as legislators for persuading legislation and regulation.

  • Investor Relations

It is all about maintaining strong relationship with shareholders, investors and others in financial community who invest their money in your business.

  • Development

It is an important responsibility of public relations department to create good relationship with NGOs, donors or members of various non-profit organizations for gaining financial as well as volunteer support.

PR is designed to promote

  • product
  • People
  • Place
  • Ideas
  • Activities
  • Organization
  • Even nations.

Role and impact

If you want to make a strong impact on public awareness at a lower cost than other promotional efforts, then PR is the best option for you. The difference between publicity and advertising is clearly visible. Publicity defines a non-paid printed form that can have both positive and negative impact. Advertising defines a paid form and its impact is positive, usually.

The company pays for a team that will develop and circulate necessary information as well as manage events. The effect of public relations can be spectacular sometime. Though it has potential strengths, public relations are sometime considered as a marketing stepchild, as its limited and scattered use. Staff of PR department is always busy, dealing with various public, stakeholders, other employees, legislators, city-officials that PR plans for supporting product marketing objectives may be ignored.

Public relations can be considered as a powerful brand-building tool. Time is changing and with it the role of PR is also changing, nowadays, it plays an increasingly important role of brand building. But still, it captures only a small portion of the overall marketing budgets of most organization. So, public relations and advertising should work cooperatively in order to build as well as maintain brands of products or services.

 Need of public relations

Are you planning for a start-up business? Do you want to build a positive business reputation among your desired audience? Do you want to establish your product or service as a brand? Do you want to enhance your business as well as increase your customer base? If your answer is yes, regarding all the questions above, then you should not hesitate for hiring a public relations agency. If you are thinking of automobile business, then you can contact an Automobiles PR agency for guidance.

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