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There are more than 8,000 stations in India, located in various parts of India. For anyone who travels to India is half the adventure of train trips. This is not only one of the simplest and most effective ways of seeing the nation. Our Indian Railways have made many arrangements to make train journeys easier. One such brilliant facility is the accommodations provided by them.

There are two types of waiting rooms for passengers waiting for a connecting train or arriving by rail at a railway station.

Waiting rooms

Waiting Rooms are situated at Indian railway stations and are free of charge for short-term use. The location of the waiting rooms are near the Railway platforms, and only the ticket holders of the second or first class can use them. Mainly, these waiting rooms provide the passengers waiting to catch a train with small seating areas.

There are no reservations, and the seats are exclusively first served. However, most waiting rooms are not air-conditioned. In most waiting rooms, there are toilet facilities, but there is no place to take a shower. While at most significant stations waiting rooms are open, there is no guarantee that you will find them at all Indian railway stations.

There may be two waiting rooms for small stations, separated by gender. While women can use the waiting room for men as well, the reverse is not allowed. Large stations might have five different types of waiting rooms, divided into the following:

  • Lower class waiting rooms for men
  • Lower class waiting rooms for women
  • Upper class (Sleeper Class Non-AC and any higher class) waiting rooms for men
  • Upper class (Sleeper Class Non-AC and any higher class) waiting rooms for women
  • AC waiting rooms

There are several benches in the standard waiting room for passengers to sit down, electrical points for charging cell phones and laptops, a small display board with future train arrivals/departures at the station, and a few toilets and toilets. No Food will be provided, but there will be many railway restaurants from which you can have food.

Retiring Rooms

Indian Railways retiring rooms are only available at significant stations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. The retirement rooms charge people for using them. Those who intend to use retirement rooms must have a valid Indian Railway ticket for a journey that has just been completed or for a future trip.

Retirement rooms can be a suite, a room with air conditioning, a simple room without air conditioning, or a dormitory. Both stations, however, will not have air-conditioned spaces. Charges are dependent on the type of accommodation that you choose. Bathrooms are generally available in retirement rooms.

Along with these facilities, the Indian railways have also provided cloakrooms where you can leave your luggage at a nominal rate per suitcase or luggage and pick it up later. This is especially useful when you intend to get by an early morning train to a city and catch an evening or overnight train.To leave your luggage in the cloakroom, you need a valid travel ticket and ID proof, and a specific rule is to lock the suitcase or bag.

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