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How to mine dogecoin

Dogecoin is an internet-based currency that comes from an interne Japanese doge meme. Now is the question is how to mine dogecoin.

Dogecoin presents in the world form December 2013. It is in the third position after the bitcoin and Litecoin.

While Internet memes typically have a short lifespan, there are also some technical purposes to believe that Dogecoin can succeed in the long term.

What is Dogecoin Mining?

Mining Dogecoin is getting reward some dogecoin in the favor to process dogecoin network transaction power with your processing devices. You will be getting some dogecoin as a reward sometimes, you maybe get or maybe not.

How Do Dogecoin Mining works?

Dogecoin mining is work on the proof of work, therefore, it is more secure and safe. After verifying the transaction the new block is to be added in the blockchain. In simple word all the transactions record is to be maintained. As you know it works on blockchain technology and if any transaction will take place it will create a new block and added it to the master database.

Things required to start Mining Dogecoin

You need free or low price electricity as well as some graphics cards (GPU).

A wallet or any multi-crypto wallet to store your dogecoin after mine.

Furthermore, you can start mining with the help of your single computer also. If you mine without graphics card the mining speed will be slow as a comparison to with the help of graphics card mining. Rember one more thing when you mine with the help of a processer then your system speed will be much slower because your processor is busy to mine Dogecoin.

If you are thinking of mine dogecoin with the help of your laptop then this is not the best option. Because you can not turn on your laptop for 24*7. Because mining will take more processing power and due to this your laptop will be overheated. 

But if you want only some coin for use in some places. For a few coins, you can go further with it.

Solo Vs Pool Dogecoin Mining

You can mine Dogecoin with two different types of solo or as well as the pool. In solo mining, mining is done by a single person. All rewards will be occupied by a single person. In solo mining chances of getting a coin is less than as compared to the pool mining. Because processing power is less in solo mining. 

A pool is a group of connecting computers, they will mine together. All rewards will be equally distributed in the group of the member in pool mining. Due to a group of people, the computational speed will be increased as the wall the chances of getting a reward will be also increased.

An advised to you if you are new in the crypto world and you are going to mine dogecoin. Find a good pool miner group and join them and start mining.

After mining, you need an exchange to get money. You can choose the Bitfinex exchange OR Binance exchange to exchange your Dogecoin.

Is It Profitable Or Not?

Profit from Mining a coin is fully depended on your computation power. When you use a higher processor than chances to get the reward is increased. A lot of dogecoin mining calculators are available on the website you can select any one to calculate the profitability. 

Furthermore, profitability also depends on the current price of dogecoin. If the current price is much lower than the total cost of mining a coin.

Because if you mine any coin it takes a Much amount of electricity to mine any coin. Without research don’t do anything. First, get a piece of complete information then go further.
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