Technology has benefitted many people in the world, it has been advanced over past years, life without technology will be bored and live with it can also cause depression, without technology, life will be difficult. Have you ever imagine a world without technology? Hoops! I can't even imagine. In this article we will be giving details on the positive and negative effect of advanced technology

Positive Effect of living in a world with advanced Technology

If we try to look at people's lifestyle nowadays, we will notice that it is more advanced in technology than the previous decades, for example. With technology some businesses are successful, some students are graduating due to online lectures, and some interaction might occur, without technology there might not be jobs for the youth. Technology has produced great changes in the world by making accessible things which is easy to handle, it also allows people to achieve many things in a short period of time, due to advanced technology communication has been advanced too, now we have the access of video calls which we can use to see our love ones across the boundaries it also gives businessmen opportunity to advertise their goods and sell their goods no matter the distance. Technology has helped lots of people to check their health themselves without visiting the doctor.

Negative Effect of Advanced Technology

Technology has done many great things to the world but there are some negative side of it which affect people. Due to advanced technology some homes are apart, in the sense of developing social isolation by spending most of their time on social media, listening to music, spending time in front of computer or mobile devices, research makes us to understand that people that suffer from social isolation might have shorter life . Technology can also affect student education which will not make them to be focused due to games, even some of them watch sex films, this same technology can give people a sleepless time which can lead to health problems, it can as well cause depression due to lack of idle lifestyle.


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Technology Benefits to the Disable

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